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Procurement and Logistics

Our purchasing team is responsible for all purchasing activities for our projects. We also act when required in a consultancy capacity to assist our customers with their own procurement process. This process can include the management of any “cradle to grave” projects and is intended to specifically serve the needs of the customer.

We arrange procurement contracts for a diverse range of construction and power related goods and services for both government and private clients. We deliver innovative business solutions at exceptional value through our vast network of local and worldwide suppliers.

Bayad Al Sard is conscious that in order to achieve best possible prices we must have excellent relationships with our suppliers. We therefore treat our suppliers with the same professional courtesy as our customers, enabling us to build strong relationships, enticing their help and support in resolving potentially difficult procurement situations.

Our product services include but are not limited to the following:

• Power Generation and Supply Components
• Construction Materials
• Plant Equipment
• Prefabricated Buildings and Portacabins
• Water and Wastewater Pumps and Treatment Systems
• Internal and External Fixtures and Fittings
• Structural Steel
• Mechanical Engineering
• Perimeter Security Infrastructure


Bayad Al Sard provides collection, packaging and transport delivery services as required for all of our clients. Every procurement and logistics project we undertake employs our efficient and effective shipping and handling service. We pick up your consignment from its source location, and deliver it to the destination specified by you, on time and to locations that are sometimes considered unreachable; we are well placed to deal with the changing security situation overseas and negotiate all documentation and transport requirements.

We use an extensive network of carriers around the globe with movement via Land, Sea or Air, providing the most suitable solution given the time frame and budget to ensure a door-to-door service is achieved. We also have warehousing facilities in numerous key locations to assist with safe and secure storage 
during your project life cycle if required.

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