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Resource Capabilities

Bayad Al Sard Company has an impressive list of equipment and plant machinery available to assist us with self contained project delivery. We have accumulated our equipment over many years of steady investment and our procurement experience and expertise has enabled us to react quickly to our clients needs. All equipment is owned by our company so we have full control over its maintenance and use. In order to safeguard our investments, we annually assess our equipment’s condition and age as part of our internal equipment care strategy and regular maintenance schedule. Equipment in our fleet includes but is not limited to the following:

Earth Moving Equipment
Wheel Loaders
Water Trucks
Double Drum Rollers

Road Material Equipment
Stone Crushers
Asphalt Plants


Structural Steel
MIC K-Span Machines
Powder Coating Line
Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment
Metal Plating Machines
Machine Tools


​Heavy lifting Equipment
Track Cranes
Wheeled Cranes
Overhead Cranes
Hi Cranes

Industrial Equipment
Welding Machines
Heavy duty steel cutting equipment
Drilling Rigs
Testing and Inspection Equipment

​​Survey Equipment
Electronic Distance Measuring
Global Positioning Systems
Satellite Data Collection

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