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Control Systems

Bayad Al Sard understands that without the correct systems of work in place then our operations are not standardised or controlled effectively.

We have developed and continue to revisit our Policy documents to ensure that we are acting in accordance with the law and the requirements of our customers.

Health and Safety
We have a robust and determined approach to Health and Safety at Work as described in our Group Health and Safety Policy and our bespoke project Health and Safety Plans. We put the safety of our workforce and any third party that could be affected by our works as our primary concern and educate our people to be aware of their surroundings, their actions and the actions of others.

Quality Control
Our approach to quality control is outlined in our Quality Policy. We have strict guidelines that we adhere to for Quality  Assurance, Testing and Inspection. We are a compliant company that believes in doing it right, first time, every time.
With many years of experience in general construction and supply contract work, and as a continuously progressing company, we develop our
quality management systems in accordance with ISO 10006 and Project Management in line with ISO 21500:2012.



It is our intention to always act ethically in a manner befitting a large and diverse organization. Our Ethics Policy outlines our commitment to these beliefs and high moral standards we have established and followed over the years.

Our Procurement Policy is used to demonstrate our commitment to purchasing correct materials that are certified and approved for use within our projects. It is a guideline of how we conduct ourselves with our suppliers and customers ensuring we get best value, suitably certified materials and equipment, ensuring that the offered items are within the 

It is our intention not only to leave the Company in the safe hands of our future generations but to also ensure that the world they inherit from us is as healthy and vibrant as the world we occupy today. To that end, our Sustainability Policy outlines our commitment to the Social, Environmental and Economic impacts our projects may have and we are committed to minimizing this impact, protecting the future for our sons and daughters.


All policies are available on request.

Gear System
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