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Support Staff

Our Managerial teams provide the direction, guidance and training to our support staff who assist our company in turning project concepts in to reality.

Our Quantity Surveyors act as a liaison between the company, subcontractors, suppliers and clients in order to manage cost and value. This involves the preparation of monthly financial reports whilst resolving commercial and contractual issues. The QS frequently confer with our onsite teams, motivated to improving site performance and achieving practical on schedule completion of work.


Our Technical Support teams liaise with manufacturers and suppliers to obtain material & product literature, along with any technical data required for submittal, recording internal submittal data and managing queries through to completion. The teams act as a pivotal link, keeping the client apprised of all product and material detail promptly and efficiently. In addition to their technical duties our teams are cross-trained to assist with the procurement cycle.

Our Procurement specialists research the market to identify the most proficient suppliers able to cater for our wide range of project requirements, providing quotations to determine the best quality products world-wide that meet the appropriate standards and technical requirements, at the most competitive prices. They then negotiate and place orders ensuring to secure and maintain solid relationships during the process. Our specialists then track and monitor the progress of all orders, making sure that all supplies arrive to schedule and are accurate. In addition, our procurement specialists draft and review documents such as quotations, invoices and contracts to ensure that there are no mistakes and link directly with our management teams in order to maintain momentum. Clerical duties include maintaining price information, records and research files.

The company’s logistics team assists in the provision of the carriage, handling and storage requirements necessary to import or export our client’s products. This includes the preparation of invoices and any legal documentation required to ensure the safe and timely dispatch and delivery of all consignments. Our team monitors the status of the shipment and coordinates with suppliers and clients to ensure the best quality of service and that targets remain intact and to schedule.

On the ground, our Project Implementation Teams consist of highly

motivated, multi-cultural and multi-talented engineers and tradesmen with

years of experience in structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and industrial

engineering. They work tirelessly keeping our projects on schedule

and to plan, operating in sometimes-remote locations. Our engineering

teams are equipped with the most up to date tools, equipment and

training to tackle all of our projects from the design stages, construction, testing,

commissioning and finally handing over to the client.

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