Past Performance

PROJECT NAME : Border Road –Section III- Al Qaim / Al waleed


Location: Anbar, western Iraq

Project Owner :USA Corp of Engineers


Contract Date : AUG 10 - MAY 11

Description: J.V. with Al Raheeq Al Makhtoom Company project Description: Execution of 30KM from a border road in the western region of Iraq the width of road was 10m with shoulders 6m paving road with three layers of Asphalt also to the work was include Design & constructing 13 Concrete tubular Culverts.

PROJECT NAME : Border Road- Al Qaim/Tarfawi


Location:  Al-Qaim, Anbar, Iraq

Project Owner : USA Corp of Engineers


Contract Date : DEC 09 - APR 10

Description: execution of 90 KM from a border road in the western region of Iraq the width of road was 10m with shoulders 6m paving road with three layers of Asphalt also to the work was include constructing 40 Concrete box Culverts

PROJECT NAME :  Elementary school 12 Classrooms


Location: Baghda/ Al Hamediah City

Project Owner : Baghdad Governorate

Contract Date : NOV 08 - JAN 09

Description: Design & Construction Elementary school of 12 classrooms by K-Span System include Laboratories, game hall, walk ways, restrooms, gardens with all theelectrical and sewages works.

PROJECT NAME :  Al-Amij Camp


Location: Al-Anbar

Project Owner : USA Corp of Engineers

(USACE) to End user MOD

Contract Date : NOV 10 - SEp 12

Description: The contract includes the following works: (1) Rehabilitation and maintenance of the Qaser Amj Camp in Al Anbar governorate, 12 buildings from K-Span system, (2) Maintenance of the three camp generators with a capacity of 1250 KVA (3)

PROJECT NAME : MTC Compound Construction

Location:  Baghdad 
Project Owner : USACE

Contract Date : MAR 12 - Mar - 16

Description: Construction of 7 large high specification reinforced concrete facilities for the provision of housing, office space, dining facilities and medical facilities to the Iraq Army Military Training Centre. The facilities are designed using the most modern type of construction, incorporating W Profile structural steel, composite concrete decking, EPDM roof layer and also K-Span steel roofing. All of these materials have been sourced and procured from overseas using our network of worldwide suppliers.


PROJECT NAME : Infrastructure Improvements - Command Base Locations

Location:  Al Anbar
Project Owner : USACE

Contract Date : DEC 10 - NOV 12

Description:astructure expansion to improve and refurbish 4 locations for the Iraqi 7th Division Forward Operating Base Command Centre. This included the design and construction of several new facilities to include: water wells and treatment plants, water and wastewater networks, power generation, distribution networks,dining and medical facilities, base infrastructure and all furniture, fixtures, fittings and equipment to enable active operations to continue seamlessly.


PROJECT NAME : Iraqi Special Operations Force Command Construction

Location:  Al ASAD Air Base
Project Owner : ECCI / AFCEE

Contract Date : AUG 08 - FEB 09

Description: Construction of ISOF command centre at Al ASAD airbase for 900 Iraqi Special Operation Force Command personnel. Our scope of work on this project was for all the vertical construction and wet civil work. The project involved the construction of 19 K-Span buildings providing over 86,000 Square-foot of usable space.

PROJECT NAME : Baghdad Police Collage

Location:  Baghdad
Project Owner : LANGUNA/AFCEE

Contract Date : FEB 08 - MAY 08

Description: Design and build of K-Span structures for the Baghdad Police College Academy. Use of ABM-120 and ABM-240 K-Spans totalling 12500 square metres. Included cellulose insulation and the installation of doors and windows.

PROJECT NAME : Al Nuckaib Military Compound

Location:  Al Anbar
Project Owner : TETRA-TECH/AFCEE

Contract Date : NOV 07 - MAR 08

Description: Design and build of K-Span structures for a new Iraqi Military installation. Use of ABM-120 K-Span totalling 21300 Square metres. To include cellulose insulation and the installation of doors and windows.

PROJECT NAME : H3 Military Compound

Location:  Al Anbar
Project Owner : ITSI/AFCEE

Contract Date : NOV 07 - FEB 08

Description:Design and build of K-Span structures for a new Iraqi Military installation. Use of ABM-120 K-Span, totalling 22500 Square metres. Included cellulose insulation and the installation of doors and windows. 

PROJECT NAME : Well Drilling and Permanent Portable Water Supply

Location: Al Rumadi

Project Owner : IRAQI MOD

Contract Date : NOV 11 - AUG 12

Description: A Geotechnical survey was conducted to determine the optimum locations for the drilling of 5 water wells with an average depth of 600metres. A 12.5” diameter water well was drilled to 600m and then lined with a steel well lining. Pumps and pipe work were installed to maintain a flow rate of 17m3 hour. Once the water from the well reached the surface it was processed in a reverse osmosis membrane water treatment plant. This plant had a capability of producing potable water at a rate of 12m3 per hour.

PROJECT NAME : Man Camp & Facility Construction Basra

Location:  Basra 

Project Owner : AlSaraf

Contract Date : DEC 10 - JAN 12

Description: Construction of a complete Man-Camp facility in support of the Oil and Gas industry - South of Iraq. Catering for 900 personnel, the Man-Camp has been designed inclusive of large maintenance and warehousing facilities.

PROJECT NAME : Akashat Camp 

Location:  Al-Anbar

Project Owner : USA Corp of Engineers

(USACE) to End user MOD

Contract Date : Nov10 - Oct 12

Description: The supply and installation of re-locatable buildings to accommodate US military personnel. This included the installation of HVAC and electrical fit out compatible with US electrical voltage. All buildings were pre-fabricated in Turkey and shipped to Afghanistan where they were erected. All electrical systems were flown in from overseas to meet the timescale and specification.

PROJECT NAME : Akkaz Electricity Power Station 2 × 125 MW

Location:  Al-Anbar

Project Owner : Lanco Company

Contract Date : Jun 12 - Jun 12

Description:The Work includes construction all civil work Station Buildings, concrete pads for equipments, piping work, External walls 4Km around the power Station.

PROJECT NAME : Oilfield Police Facility (OPF Camp)


Location: Al Anbar

Project Owner : KOGAS

Contract Date : MAR 13 - JUNE 13

 Description:  Full Design and Build of an Oilfield Police Facility on AKKAS Gas Field consisting of site grading of the camp and associated check point locations, Geotechnical Survey and Soil investigations. The construction of HESCO, Security Berm, Wire Fencing and T-Walls with entry/exit barriers, watch towers, accommodation and office buildings were constructed to provide full life support, with kitchen and dining facilities and ablusion blocks. The build included the installation of the sites utilities network inclusive of electrical, communications (fixed and mobile), waste water, fresh water and fire systems.

PROJECT NAME : Designing and construction of the temporary camp for Kogas Company

Location:  Al-Anbar

Project Owner : Kogas Company

Contract Date : Sep 13 - Jun 14

Description:Design & execution Camp the work include with dimension of project (150*100) m and consist of : (1) 16 caravans (3*12) m used as accommodation for kogas staff and 34 caravan used as offices , kitchen , dining , ablution , and weapon storage (2) four concrete bunker (3) permanent guard tower with guards room (4) two generators with two fuel tank 25000 L (5) water tank 200000 L (6) sewage treatment 100000 L (7) T-wall , Hesco and ditch fence (8) walk way & road (9) water, sewage and electrical network (10) sunshade for 10 cars and two trucks.

PROJECT NAME : Designing and construction of a warehouse

Location:  Al-Anbar

Project Owner : Kogas Company

Contract Date : May 14 - Jun 14

Description:Main Contractor (Direct Contracting) Project Description: Designing and construction of a warehouse with Dimensions (9 x 100) m from Steel Structure and Concrete pad covering by Sandwich panel & Corrugated sheets in Akkaz Gas field in Al Anbar Governorate.

PROJECT NAME : Floating Pump Station Projects

Location:  Middle and southern Iraq

Project Owner:Ministry of water Resources


Description:The total number of pumps is 93 pumps, including 67 diesel pumps and 26 electrical pumps the work detail as below:

(1) Installation of diesel and electric pumps of the Colombian ETEC type with all accessories such as flexible with the installation of steel bridges, connecting the pump and the land and the installation of protective parapets with the connection of the fuel pipes to the diesel pumps, with the supply of the spare parts.

(2) The earthworks for the pipes and supply and extend HDPE pipes connected to pumps in the basin and extends to the basin of the lattice with all the accessories of flanges and elbows and diffusers

(3) The construction and excavation of the basin and float and install pumps with the coating Stone

(4) construction of reinforced concrete with epoxy paint

(5) supply and install electro-magnet gages and construct the room for it

(6) Constructing a maintenance workshop with an area of 80 m 2, including pouring the floor with reinforced concrete with the roofing of the workshop for half the area using steel sections.

(7) Construction of a road and a stand for the crane near the pumps

(8) Construction of a protective fence from the BRC

(9) Construction of an integrated management and operation building of steel structure and Sandwich Panel with Supply of fuel tank

(10) Installation of a storage container measuring 6 × 2.4 m with its own floor casting

(11) Kiosk processing of electric pumps

(12) Processing of fuel tank capacity of 40000 liters

(13) Operating by the company for one full year

PROJECT NAME : Models Works
Location: Baghda/ Al Hamediah City

Project Owner : Ministry of Water Resource


  • Design & worked Models by Our company's architects Engineers staff / consulting office associated with the company designed and worked Models for projects implemented for the Ministry of Water Resources: 

  • Model for the Design of Al Massad Dam in Al Anbar governorate-Al Rutibah district for General commission of Dams & reservoirs.

  • Model for the Design of 20 models for the projects of pump stations for Ministry of Water Resource

PROJECT NAME : Constructition Truss for Pure Water Factory

Location:  Baghdad

Project Owner : Private Contract

Contract Date : Apr 15 - Aug 15

Description: Design and construct truss for Water purification factory from Steel Structure with Diminsions ( 130 x 41) m total high in middle 13m and at edges 9m without using Intermediate columns covering from out site by sandiwch panels with all finishing & lectrical Mecheincal works.

PROJECT NAME : Rehabilitation of Thirmiston plant belong to our Company partners with al-abid Al-Araby co. 
Location:  Al –Saqlawiya – Al-Anbar

Project Owner : Private Contract

Description: Thirmistone mold and pieces in all sizes, and all the raw material are local except the Aluminum Capacity of the plant: 500m3 of Thirmistone daily

PROJECT NAME : Construction sun shade for Maintenance of fire-fighting trucks of aircraftory
Location:  Baghdad - Martyr Mohammed Alaa Air Base (Baghdad International Airport)

Project Owner : Directorate of Military Works

Contract Date : Aug 18 complete

Description: Construction sun shade for Maintenance of fire-fighting trucks of aircraft for the Martyr Mohammed Alaa airfield (Baghdad International Airport) According to the design prepared by ITURRI Spanish Company. On an area of 300 square meters with a height of 7 meters construction from steel structure sections for columns, Beams& pralines, roofed by sandwich panels and about the side walls of build by masonry brick with thick.36cm to height 2.4m and the rest covered by sandwich panels, the sun shade contains office room and bathroom & kitchen, In the floor slab make hole for maintenance of the trucks also the work includes the completion of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing works and install two electromechanical Roll Doors for the main entrance with dimensions 4 × 5 meters

PROJECT NAME : ECW Roads and Well Pads


Location: Al Anbar

Project Owner : KOGAS

Contract Date : JUL 13 - MAY 14

 Description: Project comprised of the detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Inspection and Testing of Road Way and Well Pad construction - Upgrading of main access road to CPF area; construction of new access roads to gathering hubs. Total distance of paved roads inclusive of hard shoulder, line marking and sign posting = 15km. Route included the construction of 20 mixed Box and Pipe Culverts and checkpoints. Project incorporated the construction of 3 Well Pads (85x32m) each consisting of 8 excavated cellars for gas drilling operations.

PROJECT NAME : Temporary Camp Construction


Location: Al Anbar

Project Owner : KOGAS

Contract Date : NOV 13 - APR 14

 Description:  Engineering Design and Construction of a Temporary Camp to include accommodation buildings, ablusions and offices to facilitate 169 personnel. Camp included the provission of a watch tower, main entrance gate, internal roads, lighting, a parking lot, wire fencing and security system, utilities and communications system. Construction and commissioning of the camp included all buildings and supporting facilities such as deisel generators, fuel filling machines, water tanks and a fully equipped kitchen.

PROJECT NAME : Design &Construction Floating pier in Um Qasr

Location: Um Qasr / Basra

Project Owner : MOD / Directorate of Military Works

Type of Contract: J.V with United Compny for Marine Industries & Ibn Majid state Company

Contract Date :   2016 Ongoing

 Description:  Design and construct floating pier in north of Um Qasr / Basra Including Supplying &driven piles for steel pipes Dim.(1) m alog with wall of concrete pier as Bumper with total length about 165 m and total Number (82) piles with length 18 m level of piles with level of concrete pier and fixing rubber finder length 6m on it from sea derction This protection buffer has been constructed to prevent small boats from sliding down the pier and also the work include fixing floating pantons nine with Dimensions ( 6 x 1.8)m, two with dimensions ( 15.6 x 6)m and six with dimensions ( 18 x 6)m after finished fixing all pantons the wood fixed on it and fixed steel mesh to use as walk ways for pedestrian and installed rubber finder around the pantons from the outside to avoid damage.

PROJECT NAME : Piers & Dredging, Umm Qasr, Iraq

Location: Umm Qaser/ Basrah

Project Owner : USA Corps of Engineers to MOD

Contract Date : 1-6-2016 ongoing

 Description:  Piers & Dredging, Umm Qasr, The project is executing in JV with Al-Nafath Company, the work supervision by USA Corps of Engineers, The work include execution of the dredging works to three disposal box with total volume 659310 M3,Fuel Station shade toal area 2100 m2 with provision of nine fuel Tanks & two Water tank with capacity 100,000 Litter for each oneconnection with Pumps through pipes work to the pier also to electrical works.

PROJECT NAME : Provision of Commuting Bussing Services (Logistic Project)

Location: Majnoon oil Field / Basrah

Project Owner : Shell Petroleum Company

Contract Date : 1-12-2016 Ongoing

 Description:   Provision& Rental of buses with total quantity (24) bus for the transporting Shell Staff from Majnoon oil field to Basra province and Conversely four of these buss is Toyota type castor 24 Set & eighteen is Toyota type Hiace 14 set.

PROJECT NAME :  Sprinkler irrigation systems operating solar

Location: Baghdad - Al-Zawraa Park

Project Owner : Baghdad Municipality / Parks Department and afforestation

Type of Contract: JV with AL Iraq and the world-tech company

• Operate entirely free solar fuel to provide economic source for the processing of energy.

• Provide the possibility of manual or automatic watering.

• High economic feasibility provides 70% of the fuel and maintenance costs.

• Advanced technology easy operation and maintenance and operate for 15 years without breakdowns.

• Using sophisticated control systems to extend the life of pumps.


Solar Integrated Systems carried out by Iraq and the world-tech company in cooperation with Noor Al Meshkat Company and solar in the Middle East with the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works integrated solar plants operating in all provinces of our beloved project.


• Plants to feed the networks.

• Generating Stations in Remote places.

• Generating cities and residential complexes stations.


A- Project Name :

Processing of submersible pumps, solar-powered name.

Client: Ministry of Water Resources - General Authority of groundwater.

B- Project Name:

The establishment of a solar generator to equip schools with electricity.

Client: Baghdad Governorate Council

Under consideration

Name of Project: Establishment of a solar generator to feed the station April

9 NAHRAWAN electric power.

Client: Ministry of Water Resources


Contract No. : (17/Contracts / investment /2018)

Project Name: Rehabilitations of Al Shurkadh concrete bridge with Approaches/ (Salah ALDeen governorate) 

Client: REFAATO l Roads and Bridges Salah Al Deen

Location: Al Shurkadh District / Salah Al-Deen Province.

Amount: 3,948,780,000 ID

Type of contract: JV with Manar AL Sham Company

Award Date: 21 / 11/ 2018  

Duration of the contract: 360 Days 

About the Project: The project include Rehabilitation works for Al Shurkadh bridge that Located on the Tigris River in the district of Shurkadh (Salah Al Deen governorate) Damaged as result to terrorist operations the length of the bridge is 560 meters and consists of 16 Spans with a length of 35 meters for each span. Five of the spans is totally damaged and the others is partially damaged The width of the bridge is 12 meters, consisted 9 meters carriageway for cars and 1.5 meters walk way on each side for pedestrians. The spans of bridge consists of five Pre-cast concrete girders with height 2.2 m, above the of it 25 cm thickness from reinforced concrete slab and Asphaltic layer with thickness (60 mm). The upper structure is based on the lower base of cross head, columns, and piles caps& piles foundations from reinforced concrete. The project also includes approaches paving with asphalt-reinforced concrete on both sides of the right bridge and the left with sub base for shoulders of bridge.

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